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1.1 The Objectives
The main objectives of the competition are to find the SPEEDBATTLE-CUP-Champion 2006/07 in all 5 classes.

1.2 The Champions
Champion will be the pilot with the highest overall score after the last competition day. There will be a country-scoring.

1.3 The Championship classes
The competition is flown in 5 classes: Open class, 18m-class, 15m-class, Std.class and Classic class. The classes will change during the competition.

1.4 The Calendar
The competition will start on 3 December 2006. Competition days are Thursday and Sunday. The last race will be at the 29th of April that means 42 (storm front at the Christmas Eve) races since the first race.


2.1 The Entry
All condor pilots can sign up in the Condor Competition Center

2.2. Requirements
Every pilot has to own a legal copy of condor, manipulating the program or the planes is not allowed and will be punished with exclusion from the competition.

2.3. Refly
Every pilot is allowed to fly a task only one time, reflying the task will be punished with exclusion from the competition.


3.1 The Tasks
The tasks will be set by the different tasksetters.

You must turn in the same direction as the highest glider that is already/first in the thermal. Any change of direction must be done outside the thermal.

3.2 The time scedule
Generally Join time is from 19:45-20:15 CET(18:45-19:15 UTC). There are other time zones. Australia: 08:45-09:15 UTC,
Middle East: 14:45-15:15 UTC, 20:45-21:15 UTC, 21:45-22:15 UTC, US east 00:45-01:15 UTC, US west 04:45- 05:15 UTC.
Every pilot can change the time zone at the member area of the CCC, but is only allowed to take part at one race of the day!.
Only on race days Sundays and Thursdays the change is looked between 8 UTC and the next day 5 UTC.

The Race start is 15 minutes after end of join time for normal tasks with 30 minutes start time window. For tasks with regattastart the race in time is 20minutes. Taskinfo is switched off. J-key is also switched off.

3.3 Sectors
The start line will be 10km long and it will be perpendicular to the track to the first TP. Turnpoints will generally be cans with a 0,5km radius, depending on new condor patches also waypoints with 0,5km cans and 3km sectors as well as AATs might be possible. The finish line will be 3 km long and perpendicular to the track from the last TP.

3.4 Briefing
The Briefing will be send via E-mail, with a map and all other information 1 hr before the servers start.

3.5 Disconnections and out landings.
If you are disconnected during the flight just finish your flight and load up your IGC file. Outlanding after disconnect will be scored with zero points. Outlandings during a stable connection to the server just upload the igc file.

3.6 Crashing
If you crash you are suspended for 2 races. No matter if it's a bug of the scenery or Condor. After a crash you are able to join the next two races as a “guest” that means you receive an email with password and takinfo and you are allowed to upload your IGC. But your will be scored with SeeYou and counted with ZERO points. So you are able to see your flight in the result list and compare it with the other pilots.

If you crash again by flying a task as guest you WON'T be suspended for the next two races because you flight as a guest.

If you crash before crossing the startline we won't punish that crash because we can't see that crash at the servers' result CSV. Before a discussion starts that we can parse the logfile and punish the prestartline crashers as well - we won't parse the logfile ever.

If you have been disconnected from the server your status at the server's CSV is racing. So do use a favour and upload your IGC. Otherwise we don't know your status and have to set your flight as crashed and suspend you for the next 2 races.

And if you crash please upload your IGC anyway. This will minimize our workload.


4.1 Daily Results
The scoring will be done automatically with SeeYou.
Scoring will be done according to the FAI RULES FOR WORLD AND CONTINENTAL SOARING CHAMPIONSHIPS, Annex A to Section 3 – Gliding. Scoring is without handicap (index).
In difference to the FAI rules, the max. points are every day 1.000 points, due to the total valuation and the 50% results.
The formula for the 1.000 points is: 1.000 : max. points of the day x result.

4.2 Overall Scoring
For the overall scoring 50% of the best results of all races (42) will be count.

4.3 In the briefing you will receive a time, when the IGC upload time is ending, normally 5 hrs after jointime is starting.