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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The SPEEDBATTEL-CUP is a online soaring competition, based on Condor the competition soaring simulator.
At the moment, we are in a beta-test phase. If the next test will be
successfull, the cup will start on 3 December 2007.

How can I take part?
All you need is Condor the competition soaring simulator and entrance to the internet. The participation is for free. You must sign up in the CondorCompetitionCenter to take part.

Is the scoring automatic?
Yes and no. The soring is made with SeeYou, but to do this, we need a IGC-file of your flight. All the rest is done automatically. So please don´t forget to create a IGC-file of your flight and load it up to the SBC07 homepage.

Do I need SeeYou?
No you don't need SeeYou.

What is a IGC-file?
IGC, which stands for "International Gliding Commission" is a standard file format, which include all information over a task (route, high, speed...)

How can I create a IGC-file in Condor?
After you have ended your flight, you see the following menue. Click on "ANALYSE FLIGHT". Now click "IGC EXPORT" and save the IGC-file

The name of the file is up to you, you can only save the file in \Condor\FlightTracks\your.igc.

I have forgotten to create a IGC-file after the task, what can I do?
In the directory \Condor\FlightTracks\ is a file with the name LastTrack.ftr. You can load this file in the FLIGHTANALYSIS and save a IGC-file.
But remember, you find only the last track, which means if you have flown a new task after the SBC task, you will only find the new one.

Is it importantly for me to load up a IGC file of my flight?
Yes! if you do not upload your IGC-file, you will be not scored, which means 0 points.

Where is the upload area for the IGC-file?
Navigate to the SPC07 homepage and click on the login button. If you have not register SBC07 already, go to the CCC and sign in.
On the left side, navigate to IGC-upload, search for your IGC-file (you find it in \Condor\FlightTracks\your.igc.) and load it up.

I loaded the wrong IGC-file up, what can I do?
After the first 5 minutes you can load the right IGC-file, after that, the upload area is blocked.

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