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On the 3rd of December 2006 the first Speedbattle Cup 2007 has started. On the 29th of April 2007 the last task was flown. Now we have a "summerbreak". We would like to thank all our participants and all the others who have helped to run this cup. Special Thanks to the scenerie designers, Uros and Gregor from CONDOR, Milos Koch for the cups, SeeYou and all the other sponsors. Thank you very much!

You will find the ranking of the SBC 06/07 here.

The following participants received these prizes of our sponsors.

Rank Name
1 Karsten Leucker SeeYou mobile, PlanePack1, FS Magazin, Simmarket voucher
2 Tim Kujipers SeeYou mobile, PlanePack1, FS Magazin
3 Christoph Heidemeyer PlanePack1, FS Magazin, Simmarket voucher
4 Tadey Krevh PlanePack1
5 Morten Wartou PlanePack1
6 Martin Pirker PlanePack1
7 Jeroen Jennen PlanePack1

Special prices
Name Price
Marie Kyzivátová, best woman PlanePack1
Ivo Kulich, most kilometers 8404,30 km PlanePack1
Martin Semrad for 31 finished tasks and also longest total flight time with 78:58:31 hours PlanePack1
Walter Bunsen, longest flight time 4:02:31 hours (Finished) Simmarket voucher

SPEEDBATTLE-CUP is a world wide online contest based on the Condor Soaring Simulator. Pilots in 5 different timezones fly the same task. After they have finished or landed the pilots submit its IGC file via the Condor Competition Center to our SeeYou server. About six minutes after the pilot has transfered his file he will be able to see his result.

This competition will be organized by Stefan Kessler and Andreas Kippnick known from the 24x7 condor online game SPEEDBATTLE.

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